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When people born on the 25th of January fall in love, they give importance to mental stimulation and understanding. Communication will spark their passionate side and they always search for someone to talk to and share their deepest states of mind with. The basis set in the primal family gives those born on this date a boost in the right direction or pulls them down and inhibits their need to fly.

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What they are often too rational to recognize is that sexuality plays the largest role in their partner choice. These are people born to make something out of life and they will do so on an everyday level. Good at writing and spoken word, they will be authors and orators, and given the ability to work well with their hands and focus on the tiniest of details, they make excellent surgeons and dentists, as well as handymen of any kind. An intense stone best used by those born on January 25th is Zincite, a stone that wakes up all chakras and brings a strong focus to the lower ones if a person is stuck in upper spheres and mental processes.

This is a powerful crystal that easily overstimulates the heart chakra and should be used less frequently until one is aware of its effects. It will wake these people up, give them a boost of creativity and push them over the edge of dilemma to find satisfaction and love within. Their gifts should be practical, best if they can be used, worn, or experimented with, to spark the creativity and the hunger for information this person feels.

Birthday Horoscope

Let go to spontaneity, surprise them with something practical and thoughtful, and the time will present itself when something magical and deeply meaningful needs to be given on a whim. Imaginative, energetic, and smart, they are focused extremely well and able to penetrate the deepest unknowns of the humankind. Their brain is fast and their actions a clear expression of their strong personality.

Too rational to feel the right timing, they get angry for not being able to express their personality the way they want to.

They can get aggressive or overly rational, and choose extremely sharp and hurtful words while protecting themselves. Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Aquarius man - information and insights on the Aquarius man. Aquarius woman - information and insights on the Aquarius woman. Aquarius compatibility - the compatibility of Aquarius with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. It would appear that they don't share your optimistic outlook.

Sabian Symbol

Could it be they know something you don't? You only have to put a name to your dream to see it come true. That might sound far-fetched but Jupiter in your sign makes all things possible, especially for someone like you who never gives up on a project once you have started. If you try to push friends and loved ones in directions they don't want to go they will dig in their heels and refuse to go anywhere.

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January 25 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for January 25th

The only way you will get them moving is to inspire them with your vision. A small bribe might help too. There were times of late when you went out of your way to please other people. Now you must go out of your way to please yourself. Don't worry that certain individuals might label you as selfish — in fact, treat it as a compliment. All eyes are on you and you can't be sure whether you like it or not. It's fun being a celebrity but there are downsides too, not least of which is that you are under constant scrutiny. Think twice before accepting an offer that thrusts you into the limelight.

Do you have a philosophy of life? If so, are you following it? If not, don't you think it's time that you got one? Everyone needs a set of values or a code of conduct to guide them. It's not old-fashioned. It's an ongoing source of strength.

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