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This is especially true through March 6 while Uranus finishes up a tour in your romance sector.

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Love can arrive in the most unexpected and exciting way, so be open! If you're already in a relationship, then Jupiter in your sign will lend support to it becoming an even happier connection. Aside from this, having Jupiter in your sign is a magnificent year to begin anything that will expand your horizons and personal or spiritual development.


Publish that book, travel to Egypt or Bora Bora or anywhere else your heart desires. Soak up the life experiences and adventures your soul craves because this will be a year that life rewards you when you do. Once Uranus leaves your true love sector on March 6, he'll move onto your work sector.

Until April you'll enjoy greater freedom on the job and will also take on the most unusual and stimulating assignments. Plan on using the latest technology to help you work more productively than ever before! Financially, you've got plenty of changes in store thanks to eclipses falling across your money axis on January 5, July 2, July 16, and December You're getting serious about your money and will create a solid plan to help you afford whatever major expense is on your financial wish list.

This financial wish can come true at the December 26 eclipse, and might even include a dream job where you make tons of money.

Sagittarius daily lucky number

Usually, the people who Sagittarians form romantic relationships with are cared for very deeply and they always like to be able to express how they feel without constraints. These people have no problem whatsoever when it comes to the business world; they are go-getters, philosophers, and sometimes even comedians. By nature they are not overly moody or emotional, in fact just the opposite. If anything, those with this sign are usually very objective in most situations and do not get worked up very easily. This means that they do not have to worry about having any emotional issues holding them back from what they really want out of life. They are able to explore their world without the fear of emotions and feelings getting the better of them.

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  • Sagittarius daily lucky numbers.
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Sagittarius Today - Today is a perfect day to introduce some culture and sophistication into your life, so take in a show at a local theater or explore the world of classical music.