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Turn on your favorite indie film or one you never had a chance to watch and sit back and relax.

You could have your first major professional triumph today. Since this full moon is the culmination of the September 13 Virgo new moon — also a supercharged solar eclipse —you could see all the work you've been doing since the fall come together with a flourish.


Raja lakshana yoga astrology

Rock one of these men and women's blazers with a tie, a silk scarf, and your favorite watch. You can start putting those grand New Year's and birthday resolutions into concrete actions and plans. If you haven't set any goals yet, you'll be inspired to do so now. Tackle those resolutions with a new to-do notebook you can refer to as you go along.

Sign up for our newsletter. This is a time for psychic healing and emotional processing, as parts of ourself that have been hidden come into focus. This can be an excellent month for research, therapy, energy healing and any kind of inner work. Venus grants us compassion and Mars gives us courage, and the cocktail of these two energies can create a real breakthrough in our bonds.

Venus and Mars are in Virgo this time, encouraging an attitude of helpfulness and service. Get ready to pass through a super-powered portal. The energy makes a dramatic U-turn on November 22, when the sun swings into buoyant Sagittarius. Suddenly, all those microscope details we obsessed over start to make sense. Wise and worldly Sagittarius helps us put things into context and regain perspective.

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We become more tolerant of differences, open to hearing other points of view. When the month ends with a November 25 full moon in communicative Gemini, we find just the words to express that vision. The single natives, tired of adventures without a future, this year, you will seek the ideal woman, the one for whom you will be ready to engage in a stable and secure relationship. Very attentive to the studies of your children, in case you have any, you will also be very present for your spouse, if he needs your advice, you will be there for him, always the reassuring and caring woman he needs.

In love, you are among the greedy, knowing to use subterfuges to successfully keep your partner awake until late hours. Not always able to get the message across, you know very well how to make him understand by your actions. The intensity of your gaze speaks volumes about your desire.

numerology birthday number 1

You give without counting and you show great generosity in this matter. In career, you might need to travel, which will force you to be away from home and the people you care about, but you will turn things in your favor, and manage to reclaim some free time.

However, you will only make that decision after discussing to your family. The single natives are ready to live a love affair with a big A. Perhaps even you will get married this year.

January (Wednesday): Birthday, Zodiac & Day Of Week

Personal Opportunities for Scorpio: With two planets in the other Water signs, and two in Earth signs you are well supported in much of what you attempt this year. With planets continuously in Taurus from February until June can bring the most productive period of your year. As far as working on your own ideas or feeling in complete command of the situation you have to wait until October to December. This is an ideal year to let go of the past and modernize many of your ways of doing things. The earlier in the year you realize this the easier your life will be.

Balanta -- Horoscop 28 septembrie - 14 octombrie 2019

You will only cause yourself unnecessary conflict around you by arguing about old matters you can no longer change. March is the month to let go. Depending on how you handle joint finances in April and May could indicate whether this is an area of improvement of not this year. If you are investing money in this time around April and May are not the time for heavy financial spending if it can be avoided.

September until the end of the year is the best section. Some change in work colleagues takes place in February and from mid May to early June. You can be boosted by those you meet March to early April.

Scorpio Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Some of the people you work with may change in February as a new group of people is around you. An opportunity for a new job is around late June through until early October. For some it could just involve a special project, or learning a new skill. Follow through with commitments late August to early September; otherwise your reputation could be affected.

Which Star Signs is Aquarius Most Compatible With? | altinsehirsigorta.com

You may experience some bronchial or chest related complaints in April. There are no major challenges this year, but many planets now sit in the so-called social sectors of your horoscope encouraging over-indulgence. This may not help those trying to lose weight — your own willpower will. Any Questions? Certified astrologers online! You and your Taurus buds will have to curb that urge to run off and join a carnival or motorcycle gang this month. You also have an idealistic bug up your butt.

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