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When "I'm Gonna Be" comes on, it's hard not to sing along with the "da-da-da-da's" even if you can't remember all of the words. This love song was Celine Dion's first No. It even garnered the singer a Grammy nomination. Tag Team became a one-hit wonder with this addictive dance jam. Beck was an independent artist when he released "Loser," and the success of the song led to a record deal.

When the song was re-released under the label, the song hit No. The 69 Boyz emerged on the scene with the "Tootsee Roll" as their first single and reached No. Everything you needed to know about how to the dance was given to you directly in the lyrics. You just had to pay attention. Hanson, a band made up of three brothers, were aged 6 to 11 when they first released t his bop.

The single, which reached No. TLC's signature hit spent seven weeks at the top of the charts. Man, it's a hot one.

Using the birthday paradox to teach probability fundamentals

Its legacy will forever endure. Before Mark Wahlberg was a movie star, he was known as Marky Mark. This dance hit was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's lead single from their debut album. The club beat is still easy to get down to. The song reached No. Seal won three Grammys, including record of the year, for the single, which was also included on the soundtrack for "Batman Forever. The song lasted at No. Blackstreet's "No Diggity" finally took "Macarena" off its No. The song won a Grammy. It is consistently ranked as one of the, if not the , best British songs.

Though slightly more popular in foreign markets, this single from The Offspring had the perfect amount of anger with a fun beat, which some people say sounds a heck of a lot like The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Braxton originally didn't want to record this ballad , but thankfully she did. After it was released, the song shot to No. The Australian duo released this love song as part of their debut album, and it managed to hit No. Dance group Cascada released a cover of the song in , but nothing is as great as the original.

The song's crescendos give the song a force that is impossible to ignore. This catchy ballad had an upbeat tempo to get people dancing and showed off Carey's ability to hit incredibly high notes. It hit No.


Spears' debut single was a chart-topping success. The song even landed Spears her first Grammy nomination. This No.

Kiss - Boston's #1 Hit Music Station

The song earned a Grammy for best rap solo performance and was named the No. The political single became British band Chumbawamba's biggest hit.

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Slightly annoying but unforgettable, "Barbie Girl" was Aqua's biggest hit in the states. The dance song led to Mattel suing MCA Records, but the song was protected as a parody and the case was dismissed.

UK number one today, October 09 12222

Twain's empowering song is a going out anthem. How many different meals am I choosing from? Instead, suddenly there are distributions everywhere. How are you going to enumerate that? Yeah, no wonder we statisticians have the crazy eyes. And then — usually much later — when you hit the subjective definition in your Bayesian stats textbook, you get to make the distributions up based on what you feel is likely. See what kind of twisted stuff you wind up with when we take away your ability to enumerate events?

Get over yourself — all of statistics is about making simplifying assumptions — the universe is a terrifying place otherwise. The last building block we need for the birthday problem is complements, otherwise known as the humble NOT. What was the question again? Ah, this:.

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  • How many birthday options do we have for one person? Prepare to get dizzy. We have to count all the different ways to have at least one match in any two people.

    So person 1 has options and person 29 has 1 option because they match person 1 but it could be person 2 and person 17 or or both pairs or maybe three people share a birthday or… or… or… no, this is going to get messy too quickly while we run around trying to keep all the options straight in our heads. Or beg the internet for the cheat code.

    see url Is that how you found your way to this blog post? Instead of counting all the ways we can have people sharing birthdays, the trick is to rephrase the problem and count a much simpler thing: the opposite! By working with the complementary event, we shifted our focus in the numerator.

    The denominator is unscathed. This is where the beautiful and glorious magic happens! The first person has options for a birthday greedy pig AND the second person has only because we force them to have a different birthday. Each applicant for the room has fewer options by one. If N is 30, put in the multiplication signs and boom! Yuck, another big number with 76 digits.

    But, luckily for us, computers will just handle the division for us if we ask nicely. With 2 minutes and R open on my laptop, I can plot the answer for any every choice of N. Why is counting such a big deal early on in your textbook and then suddenly it disappears, leaving everyone disgruntled? Some rumors are hard to kill! A big part of what makes the birthday problem a classic fixture of the statistics undergraduate experience is that it gives you just enough pain to rub a key point in: statisticians need to learn how to rephrase problems so their moving parts are easier to handle.

    The brute force approach is often too hard to calculate, so we learn to look sideways at things.